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Making Sand Art

Make plaster molds out of sand, with this activity. Then, your students can paint the molds to make a beautiful piece of art!
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Students will create plaster molds.


  • Sand
  • A tray, an old cookie sheet, or large bowl
  • Plaster
  • Cookie cutters
  • Paints


  1. Fill the tray with damp sand. You may have to add a little water to the sand.

  2. Make a design in the sand. Students can use their fingers, paintbrushes, or even cookie cutters.

  3. When they're happy with their design, use a spoon to carefully add plaster to the tray.

  4. Let the plaster dry.

  5. After it's dry, remove the plaster mold from the tray.

  6. Brush away any loose pieces of sand.

  7. Paint the molds.