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This creative research and writing project is a great way to reinforce what your students are learning about colonial America, and is a great tie-in for Thanksgiving or Native American Heritage Month. It's also a great capstone project for a Colonial America social studies unit - it will put students in the shoes of the colonists and ask them to imagine what daily life then would be like.

Students will perform guided research on daily life in colonial times, and then design and create a "social media profile and feed" for a fictional colonial American that synthesizes prior knowledge and what they learned during their research. The project includes both group and individual work, requires little or no prep time, and is perfect for 1 or 2 class periods as part of any Colonial America social studies unit in your curriculum.

What's Included:

  • Detailed teacher instructions for all group and individual activities, including a book and reference list
  • Student instructions for guided research, including keyword and topic suggestions and a printable with guidelines for doing good research
  • Student printables for capturing and documenting research topics and designing the social media profile and feed
  • Editable captions and hashtag sections for the teachers.
  • Great for celebrating Thanksgiving and teaching students about colonial life.
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