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Learning goal: Initiative

Growth mindset and self-direction are the qualities your students will develop using the FutureFit resources collected under the “Get Going” domain. Skills highlighted in this domain accountability, entrepreneurial drive, urgency and self-direction.

At the practical level, Get Going focuses on skills and abilities that blend well with both core academic concepts and broader social-emotional learning goals articulated by standards organizations, states, and researchers. We’ve meshed the best and most relevant concepts and approaches into an accessible list of skills that is easy to understand and articulate to students, including:

  • Self-direction: The ability to organize, make decisions about, and progress through about one's own efforts at work, play, and other endeavors
  • Accountability: The ability and willingness to hold oneself and others responsible for actions, words, efforts and judgments
  • Growth mindset: The ability to continually cultivate opportunities for intellectual growth through the application of hard work in the face of challenge
  • Entrepreneurial drive: The ability to recognize and identify entrepreneurial opportunities and embrace an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Urgency: The ability to respond quickly and with focused energy to problems, circumstances, and scenarios created by self or others


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