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Learning goal: Service mentality

Your students can learn to develop a service mentality using the FutureFit resources collected under the “Serve” domain. Skills highlighted in this domain include community engagement, sharing, and global citizenship and awareness.

At the practical level, Serve focuses on skills and abilities that blend well with both core academic concepts and broader social-emotional learning goals articulated by standards organizations, states, and researchers. We’ve meshed the best and most relevant concepts and approaches into an accessible list of skills that is easy to understand and articulate to students, including:

  • Community engagement: The ability to utilize one's acquired skills, talents and interests with the goal of fostering the collective vision and benefit of one's community
  • Global awareness: The ability to recognize, respect, and take perspective of the cultural similarities and differences inherent in a connected, diverse and multicultural social norm
  • Service mentality: The ability to recognize and cultivate opportunities to assist others with no expectation for reward
  • Sharing: The ability to use, occupy, or enjoy something jointly with another or others



Recommended Serve Resources

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