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Learning goal: Creativity

Help your students learn how to create, produce and innovate using the FutureFit resources collected under the “Create” domain. The creativity skills highlighted in this domain include innovation, idea generation and detail orientation.

At the practical level, "Create" focuses on skills and abilities that blend well with both core academic concepts and broader social-emotional learning goals articulated by standards organizations, states, and researchers. We’ve meshed the best and most relevant concepts and approaches into an accessible list of skills that is easy to understand and articulate to students, including:

  • Innovation: The ability to introduce new and useful ideas, processes, designs or solutions in a variety of contexts and circumstances
  • Idea generation: The ability to use effective processes to develop and iterate ideas into abstract or concrete concepts
  • Idea evaluation and analysis: The ability to take stock of and evaluate the feasibility of ideas generated by self and others
  • Detail orientation: The ability to pay close attention to and effectively manage the volume and variety of details found in focused work
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