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Learning goal: Self-awareness

Help students develop the capacity to be reflective, thoughtful, mindful, and self-directed using the FutureFit resources collected under the “Reflect” domain. The self awareness skills highlighted in this domain include good judgment, a positive attitude, the ability to self-regulate emotions, and the ability to take ownership of the individual and group learning process.

At the practical level, Reflect focuses on skills and abilities that blend well with both core academic concepts and broader social-emotional learning goals articulated by standards organizations, states, and researchers. We’ve meshed the best, most relevant concepts and approaches into an accessible list of skills that’s easy to understand and articulate to students, including:

  • Self-regulation: The ability to understand, manage, and display emotions in a manner that is socially acceptable and sufficiently flexible
  • Mindfulness: The ability to focus on the task or object at hand in the present moment; awareness of the importance of the present
  • Self-directed learning: The ability to metacognitively transform mental abilities and acuity into academic skills
  • Positive attitude: The ability to maintain and cultivate an optimistic disposition, or an internal locus of control inclined intrinsically toward solution-oriented behavior that seeks desirable outcomes despite external circumstances
  • Good judgment: The ability to consider options, opinions, consequences and actions objectively using awareness, compassion and common sense
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