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Take a look inside our printable book "Maps & Activities (Grades 4-12)," with this sneak peek slideshow. With this slideshow, you'll see some of the many maps and geography-related activities inside the printable book, including games, puzzles, political maps, and more!
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Use this printable reference sheet to help students understand map features.
Use a printable outline map that depicts Africa to help your students improve their geography skills.
Use a printable outline map that depicts Antarctica.
This printable game has students use Geography Flash Cards to test their knowledge of geographical terms, the world, and the United States.
Handout a printable geography activity that asks students to locate the continents and the oceans on a world map.
Assess students' knowledge of the United States by asking them to match numbers with states with a printable quiz.
Print this outline map of the mountain west area of the United States.
Use a printable outline map that depicts the Midwest region of the United States to help your students improve their geography skills.
Handout a printable activity that asks students to find the differences between two maps of North America.
If you enjoyed this slideshow, you'll love what you'll find in printable book! There are many more geography activities and maps inside. The book is only available to subscribers, so to see more sign up for a free-trial membership today!

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