2016 Presidential Election Resources

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    Bad Kitty for President: Word Scramble!

    Review election vocabulary with this word scramble activity. After unscrambling each word, discuss i... read more

    Graphic Organizer

    Bad Kitty for President: Write a Campaign Speech

    Help Bad Kitty write a presidential campaign speech to read at the next Neighborhood Cat Coalition. ... read more


    Mock Election Ideas for the Classroom

    Help your students understand the process of electing officials and the power of the vote by holding... read more


    Inaugural Poetry

    Review poems read at presidential inauguration ceremonies with this lesson plan. After the presiden... read more


    Presidential Elections

    Find an explanation of the United States presidential election process that is appropriate for eleme... read more


    The Presidential Election Process

    With this lesson plan, students learn that presidential elections are decided by the electoral colle... read more


    Presidential Conventions

    A brief history of presidential conventions, an important – and symbolic – part of the presidential ... read more


    How a President Gets Elected

    Use this article to help explain the U.S. presidential election process, including nominations, campaigns, caucuses and primaries, and more. read more


    Presidential Trading Cards

    Students will use the Internet to gather data about the presidents of the United States. They will use this information to create research projects. read more

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