Romeo and Juliet Teaching Unit Kit

Romeo and Juliet Teaching Unit Kit
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A complete teaching kit for a full or partial unit on Romeo and Juliet

Take your students on a thought-provoking, insightful, and hands-on journey through Shakespeare's classic play with this comprehensive teaching kit of lesson plans for Romeo and Juliet. Featuring 19 guided lessons that cover every scene, more than 40 student activities, and exam questions, this kit has everything you need to teach a full or partial unit with no hassle, no prep, and no additional resources!

What's Included In This Teaching Kit

For the teacher:

  • 19 complete guided lesson plans, one for each scene - use all, or choose the ones you need
  • Lesson plans feature bell-ringer, main, and supplemental activities to mix and match
  • Step-by-step walkthroughs for each lesson, plus suggestions for extensions and assessment
  • Thought-provoking close-reading exam questions at the end of each act to reinforce mastery

For the student:

  • More than 40 hands-on activities and resources for individual and group practice - just print and share
  • Activities to promote close reading and a close understand of the text of the play
  • Insight into the social, historical, and cultural context of the play - with modern considerations
  • Close analysis of Shakespeare's language, staging options, and modern adaptations of the play
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