Hispanic Heritage Month Activities for Grades K-2

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Celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month with these activities exploring Hispanic and Latino culture through art, music, and language — perfect for Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade.

Help younger students explore Hispanic heritage by learning about Hispanic and Latin American countries and famous Hispanic figures, discovering Spanish and Latino music, learning the Spanish language, and getting creative with arts and crafts projects inspired by Hispanic culture.

Activities for Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

Students will learn about Hispanic culture, famous Hispanic Americans, Hispanic artists, and more with these activities. Download the PDF for the printables and teaching notes.
1. Color and Learn
Color the flags of the Spanish-speaking countries of Puerto Rico and Mexico. Talk about the colors and symbols you see.
2. Story Time
Read or listen to a short story or legend from a Hispanic country. Draw a picture of your favorite part. Adelita by Tomie DePaola is an example.
3. My Hispanic Hero
Learn about a famous person from a Hispanic country. Draw their portrait and write a sentence about them. Famous Hispanic figures might include Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, Spanish painter and sculptor Pablo Picasso, or notable Mexican-American Cesar Chavez.
4. Music and Dance
Listen to a traditional Hispanic song. Try to dance along or clap to the rhythm.
5. Craft Time
Make a simple craft like a paper maraca or piñata. Use it to celebrate!
6. Language Fun
Learn and practice saying numbers 1-10 in the Spanish language. Can you count in Spanish?

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