Star of Luis

Extend reading comprehension with a by using a literature guide of enrichment activities and Internet resources to enhance teaching of the novel Star of Luis by Marc Talbert.
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Star of Luis

by Marc Talbert

Star of Luis

After Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, Luis's father joins the army. Shortly after the attack, Luis's mother moves the remaining family from East L.A. to New Mexico to be with her dying father. Life for this Mexican/Catholic boy turns upside down when his uncle, a priest, announces the secret their family has been keeping for 350 years – they are Jewish.

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Enrichment Activities
Internet Resources
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Enrichment Activities

  • Character Chart
    Students will analyze the main characters, their relationships with one another, and any distinct characteristics they may have using the Character Chart.

  • Conflict Dissection
    This Conflict Dissection graphic organizer will help students to study the story's setting, problem, and solution.

  • Create a Journal
    Students can create a journal or diary of Luis's adventures. Entries can be written for each chapter based on what students feel the young boy is going through at the time.

  • Day of the Dead
    Introduce students to the Mexican holiday, Day of the Dead. Then, use the Comparing Cultures lesson plan to explore further.

  • Design a Timeline
    Have students fill out a timeline, or create their own timeline, mapping out the events in Star of Luis. Students should title all events and write a brief description of each incident. You can use the WWII timeline as a reference.

  • TeacherVision's Hispanic Heritage Theme
    This theme page is packed with lessons, activities, and references for all grade levels about Hispanic Heritage.

Internet Resources

Chicago Mexican Fine Arts Center
Grade Levels: Middle, Secondary
Allow students to discover the world of Mexican fine arts.

Mexico Facts and Flag
Grade Levels: All
Information on Mexico, including geography and history.

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