TeacherVision Talks: Community and Classroom Culture - Student Led Classroom Management

Create the systems and space to empower students. Incorporating practices, concepts, and routines into the school day will encourage creativity, confidence, and positivity while streamlining the school day and year.

In This Webinar

Discover time-saving strategies for managing a classroom where students take control of their learning and do work that is meaningful and challenging. Find ways to overcome the challenges of managing projects and keeping students organized, and learn the importance of shifting from traditional classroom management to classroom leadership. Includes practical tips on setting group norms, gathering student feedback, and implementing flexible grading practices. Explore the benefits of student-led classroom management and discover how it can transform your teaching experience. 

About the Speaker

Jen Manly is a college instructor, former high school and middle school computer science teacher, curriculum developer, and Project Lead the Way Master Teacher. She is a Certified Agile Leader K–12 Trainer, coauthor of the Agile Educator Guide, and a 2018 ITEEA Teacher Excellence awardee. She is devoted to sharing game-changing classroom organization and management concepts with teachers everywhere.

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