TeacherVision Talks: Social-Emotional Learning Strategies for the Classroom

Nurture the emotional growth and well-being of students with simple and effective approaches, designed to foster confidence, self-awareness, responsibility, and healthy relationship building. 

In This Webinar

Discover the benefits of focusing on social-emotional learning in your classroom, from encouraging positive attitudes and fostering empathy to increasing resilience and building problem-solving skills. Learn how to support the social-emotional needs of students by incorporating SEL into daily practices and routines. Get inspired by social-emotional learning strategies that can be used for any grade level, including morning greetings, calm-down strategies, and more.

About the Speaker

Katy Hoffman is an elementary teacher, new teacher mentor, and reading specialist with 10 years of experience in the classroom and a passion for supporting teachers.  Katy specializes in classroom management and is dedicated to the building of positive classroom learning communities.

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