TeacherVision Talks: Why This Matters - Teaching The Importance of Learning

Build joy for learning by helping students to embrace its importance. Utilize key strategies that reinforce reflection, as students recognize the value of learning, and its benefit for their own lives, and society as a whole.

In This Webinar

Learn tips and ideas for creating a first day lesson that makes students see why your class matters. Discover ways to change up those first day activities to engage students from the very start and get them excited to learn. By the end of the webinar, you should feel armed with a framework and plan to engage your students, manage your class, and have a great start to the new school year.

This webinar is geared toward middle school and high school teachers, but the tips and ideas are useful for all ages. Discover more on teaching with purpose in an elementary setting with Alex Nearing's Timeless Tips from a Montessori Teacher.

About the Speaker

Daniel Lewer is an author, podcast host, and curriculum creator from Hawai’i. Daniel taught for eleven years and has made it his mission to help fellow teachers engage their students by making rigorous learning fun.

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