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Teach students about the diverse life and cultures of the rain forest with the teaching resources below. Introduce students to rain forest ecology with lessons and printables on tropical plants, animals, and much more! There are bulletin board ideas for your classroom, articles on amphibians, and activities for wildlife week and Earth Day (April 22). You'll find what you need to connect this science topic with math, language arts, and social studies for all grades.

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Printable List of Rain Forest Animals

This list of rain forest animals is ready to print and use with a science u... read more


The Amazing Rain Forest Word Power

Students can practice vocabulary relevant to rain forests by reading the de... read more


Instant Expert: Rain Forests

Become an instant expert on rain forests. Find motivational mini-lessons an... read more


Instant Expert

Become an instant expert on science and social studies topics featured in D... read more


Science Reading Warm-Up: Rain Forest

Students learn about the rain forest as they improve their reading comprehe... read more


Peoples of the Rain Forest

Children will read about two rain forest peoples, the Ibo and the Fang, in ... read more


Comparing Tree Heights

In this printable activity, children will compare the heights of rain fores... read more


Dwarf Rain Forest Animals

After reading about dwarf rain forest animals, children will have to comple... read more


Geography Reading Warm-Up: Rainforests

This printable warm-up features a short, nonfiction reading passage and com... read more


Post Card Template

Use a printable that contains a template students can use to make their own... read more


Post Cards from the Rain Forest

Assign a project that is designed to instill in youngsters an appreciation ... read more


Rain Forest Dictionary

Use a printable that contains a template students can use to make their own... read more

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