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This teaching guide for the book "No Monkeys, No Chocolate" includes a selection of cross-curricular activities that can be differentiated across a range of grade levels (K-5), and which are correlated to CCSS ELA, CCSS Math, and NGSS standards. Activities include pre- and post-reading discussion questions, a word search, and various science-oriented project-based activities for upper grades.
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Excerpted from

No Monkeys, No Chocolate by Melissa Stewart & Allen Young
No Monkeys, No Chocolate
Author: Melissa Stewart, Allen Young
Illustrator: Nicole Wong

Everyone loves chocolate, right? But how many people actually know where chocolate comes from? How it’s made? Or that monkeys do their part to help this delicious sweet exist?

This delectable dessert comes from cocoa beans, which grow on cocoa trees in tropical rain forests. But those trees couldn’t survive without the help of a menagerie of rain forest critters: a pollen-sucking midge, an aphid-munching anole lizard, brain-eating coffin fly maggots—they all pitch in to help the cocoa tree survive. A secondary layer of text delves deeper into statements such as "Cocoa flowers can’t bloom without cocoa leaves . . . and maggots," explaining the interdependence of the plants and animals in the tropical rain forests. Two wise-cracking bookworms appear on every page, adding humor and further commentary, making this book accessible to readers of different ages and reading levels.

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