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Tree frogs in the rain forest

Rain Forests: Teacher Resources

Teach students about the diverse life and cultures of the rain forest with the teaching resources below. Introduce students to rain forest ecology with lessons and printables on tropical plants, animals, and much more! There are bulletin board ideas for your classroom, articles on amphibians, and activities for wildlife week and Earth Day (April 22). You'll find what you need to connect this science topic with math, language arts, and social studies for all grades.

Whiteboard Compatible Mini-Lessons

The Amazing Rain Forest Mini-Lesson
More Mini-Lessons

Bulletin Boards

Ladybug Pattern
Insects Bulletin Board
Insects Bulletin Board Example

Lesson Plans

Layers of the Rain Forest
Animals of the Rainforest
Plants of the Rain Forest
Rain Forest Products
Estimating Turtle Size and Age
Why Care About Amphibian Population Decline and Malformations?
More Rainforest Lesson Plans


Layers of the Rain Forest Worksheets
Animals of the Rainforest
Animal Habitat Crossword Puzzle
Post Card Template
Food Web
Printable List of Rain Forest Animals
Rain Forest Vocabulary
More Popular Rain Forest Printables

Earth Day Activities

Plants of the Rain Forest Rubric
What Are the Effects of Deforestation?
More Earth Day Teacher Resources

Natural Resources Conservation

Layers of the Rain Forest
Rain Forest Vocabulary Worksheet
More Popular Activities for Natural Resources Conservation

Rain Forest Activities for Math Class

Tropical Rain Forest Math
Rain Forest Facts
Rain Forest Math Lab
Modeling Rain Forest Layers
Dwarf Rain Forest Animals
More Rainforest Activities for Math Class

Rain Forest Art Activities

Rain Forest Animals
Rain Forest Art
Your Own Rain Forest
Rain Forest Animal Favorites
More Rain Forest Art Activities

Rain Forest Activities for Social Studies Class

Geography Reading Warm-Up: Rainforests
The Race of Toad and Deer
Go and Come Back
Reading a Map of Madagascar
The Tropics
Peoples of the Rain Forest
Silver People Educators' Guide
More Rain Forest Activities for Social Studies Class

Digital Books

Eyewitness: Jungle
Gallery of DK Digital Books for Life Science
Gallery of DK Digital Books for Earth Science

Rain Forest Science Activities

Animals of the Rainforest
Animals of the Rainforest
Life Science Across the Curriculum Printables Slideshow
About the Tropical Rain Forest
Rain Forest Vocabulary Worksheet
Care and Handling of Live Reptiles and Amphibians
More Rain Forest Science Activities

Literature Resources on Rain Forests

Post Cards from the Rain Forest
Poke & Look Learning Books
Curious George Takes a Job: Jungle Mural
NSTA Recommends -- Interdisciplinary Connections for Grades K-8
More Literature Resources on Rain Forests

Plants of the Rain Forest

Layers of the Rain Forest Worksheets
Layers of the Rain Forest
Comparing Tree Heights
More Rain Forest Plants Resources

Rain Forest Articles

Reptiles and Amphibians Through the Ages
Reptile and Amphibian Defense Systems
Rain Forest Vocabulary Worksheet
Poke & Look Learning Books
Reptile and Amphibian Life Span and Life History
Amphibian Population Declines
Eastern Newt Species Account
More Rain Forest Articles

Language Arts Activities on Rain Forests

The Amazing Rain Forest Word Power
Science Reading Warm-Up: Rain Forest
Rain Forest Vocabulary Worksheet
Poke & Look Learning Books
Rain Forest Animals: Word Bank Strategy
Rain Forest Dictionary
Science Reading Warm-Up: Rainforest Ecology
More Popular Language Arts Activities on Rain Forests

Wildlife Week Activities

Animal Habitat Crossword Puzzle
Bullfrog Food Web
Mexican Milksnake and Coralsnake Drawings
Measuring Turtle Length and Age
Reptile and Amphibian Defense Strategies
Mimics Survive -- Camouflaged Reptiles
Long-Lived Turtles
More Popular Rain Forest Wildlife Activities

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