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Plants (Botany) – Teacher Resources

From food and shelter to medicine and clothing, plants play a crucial role in our lives. Incorporate botany in your classroom with these lessons and printables on trees, flowers, ferns, molds, and mosses. There are science activities on plant cells, photosynthesis, pollination, and much more! From gardening to chromatography, you'll find fun ideas for Earth Day and Arbor Day. Incorporate the study of flora across your curriculum with art, math, and English resources for all ages.

Whiteboard Compatible Mini-Lessons

The Amazing Rain Forest Mini-Lesson
Introducing Deserts Mini-Lesson
More Mini-Lessons

Bulletin Board Ideas

Habitat and Animals Theme
Rainbow of Flowers Bulletin Board
Tree Bulletin Board Example
Evergreen Tree Bulletin Board for Winter
Tree Pattern

Printables for Grades K-1

Plant Parts
Plants & Trees Printable Book (Grades K-4)
Growth Cycle of Plants
Summer Crossword Puzzle
What's Wrong with This Picture?
Insects in the Garden
From Seed to Plant
More Popular Plant Printables

Printables for Grades 2-5

Photosynthesis Worksheet
Plant Parts
Fruits and Vegetables List
Plant Graph
Careers: Who Am I?
Plant Cells
Types of Habitat with Examples of Plant Life
More Popular Plant Printables

Printables for Grades 6-8

Animal Cell/Plant Cell (Blank) Printable
Plant Crossword Puzzle
The Parts of a Plant Cell and an Animal Cell
Classification Puzzle
Structure of a Typical Flower
Rev Up Your Veggies: A Physical Science Activity
Flower Parts
More Popular Plant Printables

Printables for Grades 9-12

Life Science Diagnostic Test
How Do Plant and Animal Cells Differ?
Science Key Term Review: Characteristics of Living Things
Life Science Test: Characteristics of Living Things
Comparing Monocots and Dicots
What Are the Parts of a Seed?
Which Soil Is Best for Plants?
More Plant Printables

Lesson Plans

The Sunflower
Sunflowers, Van Gogh, and You
In Which Liquids Do Seeds Grow Best?
Layers of the Rain Forest
Which Foods Do Molds Love Best?
Class Garden
Flower and Leaf Press
More Plant Lesson Plans


Biology and Cells Quiz
General Science Quiz
Plant Terminology Quiz
Do You Know About Plants? Quiz

Graphic Organizers

In a Garden
Ways to Help the Environment
What Is in Soil?
KWL Chart - Plants
Seeds Grow into Plants
What's in It?
What Parts of Plants Do You Eat?
More Plant Graphic Organizers

Earth Day Activities

Seeds Word Search
Tissue Flower Craft
Gardening with Kids
Looking for Signs of Photosynthesis
Understanding Chlorophyll
Crepe Paper Flower
What Are Viruses & Bacteria?
More Earth Day Teacher Resources

Arbor Day Activities

Autumn Tree
There's an Owl in the Shower
Winter Trees Tree Identification Handout
The Garden of Abdul Gasazi Project Ideas
Science and Technology: Planting Trees
Science Skill: Observing Trees
Our Friend the Tree
More Arbor Day Activities

Plant Resources for Art Class

How a Seed Grows -- Little Book
Make a Dried Bouquet
Plant Pollination
Dried Flowers and Leaves
Plants of the Rain Forest
Science Fun: An Apple a Day
Fruit Patterns
More Plant Resources for Art Class

Digital Books

Eyewitness: Plant
Eye Wonder: Forest
Ready, Set Grow!
Eye Wonder: Plant
E.Guides: Plant
Gallery of DK Digital Books for Earth Science

Literature & Plants Connected

Reading Warm-Up 81 for Gr. 1 & 2: Fairy Tales and Folklore
Poke & Look Learning Books
NSTA Recommends -- Interdisciplinary Connections for Grades 9-12
The Mountain That Loved a Bird
Alice & Greta Mystery Maze
Tolkien's Middle-earth Unit 6: Treebeard's Lament
More Literature Resources on Plants

Plant Resources for Reading & Language Arts

All About a Venus Flytrap
Flower Power Crossword Puzzle
Ecology: Vocabulary
Science Reading Warm-Up: Rainforest Ecology
Seed Dispersal Word Power
Science Key Term Review: Plant Structure and Function
Wildflowers and Their Families
More Popular Plant Resources for Reading & Language Arts

Plant Resources for Math Class

Investigate Activity: Estimating and Measuring Mass
Family Activities: Plant a Garden
Spider Plants
How High is that Tree? Part II
Math in Science: Tallying
What Do the Roots and Stems Do?
Pear Flash Cards
More Plant Resources for Math Class

Science Activities on Plants

Go, Seeds, Go!
An Edible Experiment
All About Fossils
How Do People Use Plants?
Pumpkin Seed Snack
Leaves Come in Different Shapes & Sizes
How Does Your Garden Grow?
More Popular Science Activities on Plants

Plant Resources for Earth Science Class

Fall Crossword Puzzle I
Summer Herbs to Identify
Cool-Weather and Warm-Weather Crops
Autumn Veggies and Fruits
Traveling Seeds
Decorative Leaf Rubbings
A Seasonal Terrarium
More Popular Plant Resources for Earth Science Class

Plant Physiology Resources

What Is Inside a Seed?
Gallery of DK Digital Books for Life Science
Flower Pollination
What Are Seeds and Fruits?
What Is Photosynthesis?
Growing Sprouts
Traveling Seeds Rubric
More Popular Plant Physiology Resources

Flower Resources

What Are Flowers?
How Do Flowering Plants Reproduce?
Activity: Investigating Self- and Cross-Pollination
Flower Power Vocabulary
Explore Activity: A Sunflower Seed Grows
Darling Daffodil
The Growing Flower
More Flower Resources

Rain Forest Resources

Layers of the Rain Forest Worksheets
Food Web
Rain Forest Products
Plants of the Rain Forest Rubric
South American Tropical Rain Forests
Threats to Tropical Rain Forests
More Rain Forests: Teacher Resources

Plant Resources for Social Studies Class

Peanut Products
The Popcorn Plant
Where Do Organisms Come From?
George Washington Carver
Science and Social Studies: House Plants
All-Purpose Soybeans
Be a Christmas Tree Detective
More Plant Resources for Social Studies Class

Plants & History Connected

Understanding Penicillin and Mold
How Peanuts Grow
Nonfiction Reading Warm-Up: Colonial Gardens
Mold Observation Chart
More Plant Resources for History Class

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