The Rainbow Tulip

Use these lessons and activities with The Rainbow Tulip, by Pat Mora.

The Rainbow Tulip

by Pat Mora

The Rainbow Tulip

Stella, a Mexican-American first grader, wants her costume for the school's May Day parade to be all the colors of the rainbow, even though she won't look like the other children in the class.

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Enrichment Activities
Books by Pat Mora

Enrichment Activities

  • Bookmark Creations
    Create bookmarks with your students and allow them to choose the content. Ideas include drawing their favorite character, scene, and happiest/saddest moment.

  • Create a Symbol
    Have students design and color their own symbol to illustrate their connections to the special people in their lives.

  • Family Interview
    Discuss with students the importance of carrying on family history through stories and conversations with their elders. Then, ask students to interview a family member and create a poem, dance, or song that represents their family.

  • Guest Speaker
    Getting someone who has immigrated to the United States to come in and speak about the transition and their feelings can be a wonderful experience for children, especially those who are in a similar situation.

  • Integrate Art
    Contact your school's art teacher and brainstorm ideas that would integrate art and the book The Rainbow Tulip. Some suggested materials to use include clay, pastels, or paper collage.

Books by Pat Mora

Agua, Agua, Agua, 1994
Bakery Lady, 2001
Birthday Basket for Tia, 1997
Confetti: Poems for Children, 1996
Delicious Hullabaloo, 1998
The Desert Is My Mother (El Desierto Es Mi Madre), 1994
Listen to the Desert, 2001
Love to Mama: A Tribute to Mothers, 2001
Maria Paints the Hills, 2002
My Own True Name: New and Selected Poems for Young Adults, 1984-1999, 2000
The Night the Moon Fell, 2000
Pablo's Tree, 1994
The Race of Toad and Deer, 2001
The Rainbow Tulip, 1999
This Big Sky, 2002
Tomas and the Library Lady, 1997
Uno, DOS, Tres: One, Two, Three, 2000
Wachale!: Poetry and Prose About Growing Up Latino in America, 2001
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