Mexican History and Hispanic Heritage

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    Literature Guide

    Hour of the Bees Discussion Guide

    Use this discussion guide to integrate the young adult novel Hour of the Be... read more


    Day of the Dead Videos & Activities

    Introduce the history, traditions, and symbols of Día de los Muertos, Day o... read more


    Day of the Dead Quiz

    How much do you know about Diá de los Muertos? After reading The Day of the... read more


    Spanish Worksheets

    DK Spanish Language Learner will get foreign language students making conve... read more


    Chasing the Jaguar Supplementary Materials

    Share the history of Mayan ancestry with your pupils. These supplementary m... read more


    Salvador Dalí Research Activity

    Discuss the importance of Salvador Dalí, a prominent Spanish surrealist pai... read more

    Clip Art/Image

    Pyramid Of The Sun

    Enhance your teaching materials with this clip art image illustrating the P... read more

    Clip Art/Image


    Enhance your teaching materials with this clip art image illustrating Mexic... read more


    Battle of the Alamo Reading Warm-Up

    This printable warm-up includes a nonfiction reading passage on the battle ... read more


    Map of Mexico

    Use a printable outline map that depicts Mexico to help your students impro... read more


    La Causa: Cesar Chavez

    Share the story of Cesar Chavez's achievements with your students, and assi... read more


    Spanish Word Book

    Introduce your students to Spanish words for city objects with this mini-bo... read more


    Easy-to-Make Fiesta Favorites

    Students learn about Mexican holidays, and make traditional decorations for... read more