Women in STEM

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Learn about some of the women who have made an impact in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Use these biographies and related activities to educate students about the ingenuity and contributions of women, and encourage an interest in STEM careers.

Students will read about women inventors, scientists, nurses, doctors, medical researchers, pilots, and astronauts who advanced their respective fields. Many of these women broke through barriers of gender and race in pursuit of their dreams, goals, and interests.

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    Up Close: Jane Goodall Discussion Guide

    Learn about the life and work of primatologist Jane Goodall with your students. Use the questions in... read more


    Groundbreaking Women Quiz

    See how much your students know about famous firsts in women's history. This printable multiple-choi... read more


    Notable Australian Women

    Celebrate Australian women's history with this worksheet. Students will identify each notable Australian woman by her description. read more


    An Author's Tribute to the Mercury 13 Women

    Share these poems with your students as a tribute to the women of Mercury 13, a secret NASA program ... read more


    Famous Firsts in Aviation

    Explore this timeline of famous firsts in aviation, from the first balloon flight to the first black pilot to fly solo around the world. read more


    Famous Canadian Women

    Teach students about famous Canadian women with this matching and drawing activity, perfect for women's history month. read more


    Women in Aviation

    Review the history of women in aviation with this printable. Children will identify each female pilo... read more

    Literature Guide

    Flygirl Discussion Guide

    Promote thoughtful discussion about race, heritage, and women's history with this printable discussi... read more


    Clara Barton Reading Warm-Up

    In this printable warm-up, students read a short biography on Clara Barton, founder of the American ... read more


    Amelia to Zora Teacher Guide

    Deepen students' understanding of the stories in Amelia to Zora, about 26 women who changed the worl... read more


    No Silent Springs: Rachel Carson

    Share the story of Rachel Carson's achievements with your students, and assign the related activitie... read more


    The Leakeys

    Read about Louis and Mary Leakey, and explore the related activities to learn more about the two renowned archaeologists. read more


    First Lady of the Air: Amelia Earhart

    Share the story of Amelia Earhart's achievements with your students, and assign the related activiti... read more

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