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Abraham Lincoln

Presidents' Day Teacher Resources

Presidents' Day is celebrated on the third Monday in February. Use these cross-curricular printables, lessons, and references to teach your class about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln – two U.S. presidents born in February. Games, crossword puzzles, and art activities will keep students of all ages interested in politics and government. Explore the biographies below to learn about the life and politics of each president. Then, use quizzes to assess students' knowledge of U.S. history.

Educational Videos

George Washington – Videos & Activities
Abraham Lincoln – Videos & Activities


Presidential Trivia Crossword Puzzle I
Abraham Lincoln Biography & Mini-Book
Historical Fiction Reading Warm-Up: President Taft's Bathtub
The Life of Abraham Lincoln -- Reading Comprehension
My Book About George Washington
Historical Fiction Reading Warm-Up: President McKinley's Red Flower
50 Stars and 13 Stripes
More Popular Presidents' Day Printables

Lesson Plans

The Presidential Election Process
U.S. President: Facts
Presidential Trading Cards
Write a Letter to the President
Women Following Washington's Army
Thoughts for the President
The Era of Thomas Jefferson
More Presidents' Day Lessons


Thanksgiving Turkey Traditions at the White House
Presidential Trivia Crossword Puzzles: Printables Gallery
Presidential Pets
Top 10 Presidents' Day Worksheets (Grades 4-8)
Favorite Presidents' Day Printables Gallery, Grades K-8
Top 10 Presidents' Day Worksheets (Grades 1-3)
Statues of Washington, D.C.


Abraham Lincoln's Life Quiz (Advanced Level)
Presidents' Day Quiz
George Washington's Life (Advanced Level) Quiz

Technology Resources for Presidents' Day

Celebrating Presidents' Day

Presidents' Day Games & Puzzles

The Executive Branch Crossword Puzzle
Presidential Birthplaces Crossword Puzzle
Abraham Lincoln Crossword by Ingri d'Aulaire
February Bingo
Meet the Presidents
Deaths and Assassinations Crossword Puzzle
More Presidents' Day Games & Puzzles

Art, Music, & Drama Activities for Presidents' Day

The Face of a Leader
My Book About Abraham Lincoln
The Face of a Leader (Teacher Page)
Egg Carton Uncle Sam
Star-Spangled Banner
Patriotic Design
Star Design
More Presidents' Day Art, Music, & Drama Activities

Literature Resources for Presidents' Day

Historical Fiction Reading Warm-Up: Abe Lincoln
Daily Journal Topics: Honest Abe
Educator's Guide to Barack Obama: Son of Promise, Child of Hope
Jean Fritz's American History Books
So You Want to Be President? Literature Guide
World War II: Letter to the President
Daily Journal Topics: Hail to the Chief
More Presidents' Day Literature Resources

Math Activities for Presidents' Day

George Washington Word Problems
Presidents' Day Problems
Scaling New Heights
Telling the Truth About Standard Units
Telling the Truth About Metric Units
More Math Activities for Presidents' Day

Presidents' Day Activities for Language Arts

Patriotic Word Search
Lincoln Wordsearch
Lyndon B. Johnson's Great Society Speech
Lincoln and Washington Bookmarks
Log Cabin Pattern
George W. Bush Biography: A Reading Warm-Up
True/False for Abraham Lincoln by Ingri d'Aulaire
More Popular Presidents' Day Activities for Language Arts

Presidents' Day Activities for U.S. History

Lincoln-Douglas Style Debate Procedure
Activities to Honor Heroes
William Jefferson "Bill" Clinton
Know the Presidents
James Earl Carter, Jr.
America by the People Poster: Thomas Jefferson
The Lincoln Memorial
More Popular Presidents' Day Activities for U.S. History


President Benjamin Harrison Biography
Overview of the Presidents: Basic Facts & Figures
President John Quincy Adams Biography
President James Abram Garfield Biography
President George Walker Bush Biography
President Barack Hussein Obama, Jr. Biography
President John Tyler Biography
More Popular Presidents' Day References

Government Resources for Presidents' Day

President James Knox Polk Biography
Presidents' Occupations
Wives and Children of U.S. Presidents
Burial Places of U.S. Presidents
U.S. President's Cabinet
President Chester Alan Arthur Biography
President Herbert Clark Hoover Biography
More Popular Government Resources for Presidents' Day

Presidents' Day Biographies

President Andrew Jackson Biography
President George Washington Biography
President William Howard Taft Biography
President William Jefferson Clinton Biography
President James Madison Biography
President Franklin Delano Roosevelt Biography
Judith St. George Biography
More U.S. Presidents' Biographies

Additional Presidents' Day Resources

U.S. Presidency Resources
Elections – Teacher Resources
U.S. Government Resources for Teachers
Patriotic Art Activities

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