Math and Recipes Worksheet

Use this worksheet in conjunction with the "Math and Recipes" lesson.
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Math and Recipes Worksheet

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Imagine that you have to find a recipe for a school arts and crafts project. Begin your search at Art Kitchen (

1. Click on "Glurch." Read the recipe.

a) How many cups of white glue will you need to make one batch of Glurch?


b) Convert this measurement to pints.


c) How many teaspoons of Borax will you need?


d) How much of each will you need to make three batches of Glurch?

White glue: __________pt
Borax: __________tsp

2. Go back to the Art Kitchen. Click on "Make-It-Yourself-Chalk" and read the recipe.

a) How many cups of plaster of Paris will you need to make one batch of chalk?


b) How many cups of cold water will you need?


c) Convert these measurements to fluid ounces.

Plaster of Paris: __________fl oz
Cold water: __________fl oz

3. Go back to the Art Kitchen. Click on "Non-Hardening Modeling Clay" and read the recipe.

a) How many cups of each ingredient will you need for the recipe?

Flour: __________c
Salt: __________c

b) Convert these measurements to pints and quarts.

Flour: __________ pt __________qts
Salt: __________ pt __________qts

4. Now, create a new substance from ingredients on this worksheet plus some of your own. Write your secret recipe on the back of this paper, along with a short description of your exciting new product. Don't forget to give your recipe a name!

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