Essential Resources for Remote Learning

To help provide easy access to the best TeacherVision resources for at-home teaching and learning during COVID-19 school closures, we've curated this special collection of essentials for use by both parents and teachers. Included are activities, lessons, worksheets, projects, choice boards, and themed packets that span the core academic areas: math, language arts, science, and social studies.

Math Practice Worksheets (K-5)

This collection of practice activities covers all of the major topics in K-5 math.

Math Choice Boards

Choice Boards feature 9 different activities across various math topics for grades

Math Scoots (Grades K-6)

Scoots are a way for students to practice math skills on the move. Question cards are placed around the room and on the “Scoot!” command students rotate through stations with an answer sheet until they have completed all questions.

English Language Arts Daily Warm-ups

Hundreds of warm-up and bellringer language arts and reading activities, covering multiple genres and subjects, for grades K-12

English Language Arts Themed Packets and Projects

These themed packets and projects span grades K-8 and focus on fundamentals and having fun with language arts

Social Studies Themed Packets and Projects

These themed packets focus on community, family, culture, and diversity for grades K-8.

Science Themed Packets and Projects

A collection of hands-on, project-based activities for K-12 science.

Social-Emotional Learning Resources

Use these resources to help kids explore mindfulness, self-regulation, goal-setting, self-awareness, and good decision-making.

Math Daily Warm-ups

Hundreds of daily warm-up and bellringer math activities for grades K-8, many cross-curricular.

Math Fluency Games (Grades 2-5)

These math games are a great way to practice essential math skills while providing some fun and entertainment.

Math Themed Packets and Projects

Packets and projects covering a variety of math topics for grades K-8

English Language Arts Choice Boards

Each of these ELA choice boards includes 9 activities designed to reinforce essential elementary and middle school language concepts.

Social Studies Choice Boards

These choice boards feature 9 activities covering history, communities, animals, and more.

Social Studies Geography Resources

A collection of maps, geography resources, printables, and lesson plans for grades K-8.

Science Choice Boards

These choice boards include 9 activities for use with elementary science topics.

Essential Graphic Organizers

A selection of our most useful graphic organizers. See the complete collection here.

Themed Packets and Printables Books

These packets of printables cover different themes and topics across a variety of subjects. See the complete collection here.

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