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Great Stuff for Teachers Timely and seasonal content tie-ins, including printables, lessons, and holiday activities.
Special Offers for Teachers Free content for the classroom alongside exclusive educational deals.
DailyTeach Daily warm-ups, teaching tips, This Day in History, Today's Birthday, and more.

Mini-lessons & Slideshows for Smartboards
Become an Instant Expert on science and social studies topics! Together with DK's award-winning reference series, we have created smartboard-ready slideshows to help you become and expert and pique your students' interest in topics such as Inventions, Weather, Arctic & Antarctic, and Rain Forests.

Lessons for Substitute Teachers
With cold and flu season in full swing, you may need to leave your students in the care of a substitute teacher. Make sure you have lessons and activities prepared ahead of time.

Has texting ruined your students' handwriting skills? Give them practice in penmanship!

Kids of all ages will benefit from a spelling review. Our flash cards and worksheets provide great practice.