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By learning about families, students will begin to understand their place in groups, communities, and the world. Use these printables, lessons, and activities to teach students of all ages about the importance of family. There are great cross-curricular resources about immigration, community life, and genealogy. You'll also find puzzles, crafts, and art activities to celebrate Mother's Day and Father's Day with your class. These resources are appropriate for kindergarten through twelfth grade.

Printables for Grades K-3

All About My Family
My Family Tree
My Family and Me!
Following Directions
Your Heredity
Family Finger Plays
Family History Project
More Popular Family Printables

Printables for Grades 4-8

Your Heredity
Family Tree: Student Planning Page
Inherited and Observable Traits
We Beat the Street Discussion Guide
The Lemonade War Teacher's Guide
Your Family Tree, Version 2
Judy Blume's Fudge Series Teacher's Guide
More Popular Family Printables

Printables for Grades 9-12

Crank Reading Guide
Silent to the Bone Reader's Guide
When I Crossed No-Bob Reader's Guide
If I Stay and Where She Went Discussion Guide
More Family Printables


Ancestry and Family Tree Slideshow
My Family & Me: Printables Slideshow
Famous Adoptees or Adopters

Lesson Plans

A Family Tree
Table Manners
An Immigrant's Story
Life on the Prairie
Family Tree PowerPoint Presentation
Country of Origin Comparison
African Storytellers
More Family Lesson Plans

Educational Technology Resources

A Family Tree
Life on the Prairie
Family Tree Organization Chart with PowerPoint
A Family Tree Checklist
Life on the Prairie Worksheet
A Family Tree Vocabulary
Table Manners Scoring Rubric
More Educational Technology Resources for Families

Family Learning Resources

Helping Hand
Family Tree Wordsearch
Family Roles: Who Am I?
In All Kinds of Weather
We Are a Family
Interviewing an Older Relative
Every Family Has a Name
More Family Learning Resources

Father's Day Resources

Your Heredity
Fathers as Caretakers -- Using Statistics
Father's Day Brainstorming and Writing
Fathers as Caretakers -- Facts and Figures
More Father's Day - Teacher Resources

Mother's Day Resources

Your Heredity
More Mother's Day – Teacher Resources

Family Activities for Art, Music, & Drama

Family Puppets
Morning to Night
Picture Locket
Pop-up Family Portrait
Learning About Voice Through Photographs Assessment
Family Puzzle
House Dot-to-Dot
More Family Activities for Art, Music, & Drama

Family Resources for Health & Safety

A Family Wordsearch
Taking Care of Your Health: Family Activity
Nutrition: Family Activity
Confessions of a Closet Catholic Teacher's Guide
More Family Resources for Health & Safety

Families & History Connected

A Long Way from Chicago and A Year Down Yonder
Life on the Prairie
Across Five Aprils Discussion Guide
The Wall: Literature Guide for Teachers
Caleb's Story Reading Guide
A Year Down Yonder Discussion Questions
Star of Luis
More Popular Family Resources for History Class

Math Activities for Families

How Large Is Your Family?
Your Family
Where You Belong: Census Activity
Communities -- Teacher Checklist
Fathers as Caretakers -- Using Statistics
All Sizes, All Shapes
Family Charts and Graphs
More Math Activities for Families

Families, Literature, & Language Arts Connected

Sign of the Beaver
Table Manners
Wuthering Heights
The Keeping Quilt
The Summer of the Swans
Life on the Prairie
More Popular Family Resources for Literature & Language Arts

Science & Families Connected

The Summer of the Swans
And Tango Makes Three Educator's Guide
Plan a Holiday With Your Family
Communities Vocabulary
Which Is It Anyway?
More Family Resources for Science Class

Community Life Resources

Spitting Image Reader's Guide
Even Firefighters Hug Their Moms
Communities Worksheet
Old Sturbridge Village
Father's Day Brainstorming and Writing
More Community Life Resources

Immigration & Families Resources

The Keeping Quilt
My History
Family Group
Karen Cushman's Novels: A Discussion Guide
Eve Bunting: A Teacher's Guide to Her Books
The Importance of Wings Discussion Guide
Discussion Guide for the Novels of Maria Testa
More Immigration & Families Resources

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