TeacherVision's Advisory Board Members and Contributors

TeacherVision's Advisory Board and Contributors is a group of experienced educators from all over the country who share their expertise, wisdom, and resources with TeacherVision members and visitors. They create and curate new resources and blog posts, provide feedback on new content and products, and provide guidance to the TeacherVision editorial staff. Together, they make sure that when you visit TeacherVision you can always find something new, innovative, and relevant to your teaching practice.

You can learn more about each Contributor and Advisory Board Member and their expertise by reading their bios below. If you are interested in learning more about the Advisory Board or would like to apply to be an Advisory Board member and Content Contributor, reach out to the TeacherVision Editorial Team at Teachers@fen.com to share your teaching experience and content expertise. 

Julie Mason, TeacherVision Contributor

Julie Mason

English Teacher

About Julie

Julie Mason brings expertise in blended and personalized learning, instructional coaching, and curriculum design. She was a middle and high school… read more about this author

Katie Quick

Katie Quick


About Katie

Katie Quick, MA, LPC (she/her) is a licensed professional counselor, former classroom teacher, social-emotional learning specialist, national speaker… read more about this author

Katie Schuknecht, TeacherVision Contributor

Katie Schuknecht


About Katie

Katie Schukencht (B.S., M.A.E.) is an elementary educator and primary reading interventionist. She spent 5 years teaching both grade-level and… read more about this author

Kellie Tanner, TeacherVision Contributor

Kellie Tanner


About Kellie

Kellie Tanner (B.S., M.Ed., Ed.D.) is currently serving as the Federal Programs Director for a school district in Alabama, having attained her… read more about this author

Kelsea Warren

Kelsea Warren


About Kelsea

Kelsea Warren is a self-care and wellness expert who helps individuals and businesses elevate well-being and prevent burnout by identifying and… read more about this author

Kelsey Ludeman

Kelsey Ludeman


About Kelsey 

Kelsey Ludeman is the Content Editor and Strategist of TeacherVision. She has over 15 years of experience as an elementary school teacher, a museum… read more about this author

TeacherVision Contributor, Linda Valloor

Linda K. Valloor


About Linda

Linda Valloor, M.Ed., is a teacher, education consultant, and writer. She was a high school teacher for eighteen years, mainly teaching World… read more about this author

Lisa Koplik, TeacherVision Contributor

Lisa Koplik


About Lisa

Lisa Koplik (B.Sc., M.Ed.) completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Wellesley College before going on to study for her Master of Education… read more about this author

Marlee Chizhevsky - TeacherVision Contributor

Marlee Chizhevsky


About Marlee 

Marlee Chizhevsky (B.S., M.Ed., Ed.S) is a special educator, curriculum developer, SEL specialist,  and teacher course creator.  Marlee was in the… read more about this author

Maureen Pflugfelder

Maureen Pflugfelder


About Maureen 

Maureen Pflugfelder is a very experienced 5th grade science teacher and taught for nineteen years in the Houston Independent School District.  She… read more about this author

Max Weinberg, TeacherVision Contributor

Max Weinberg


About Max

Max Weinberg (B.A., M.S., Ph.D.) has worked in education since 2000. Alongside his Bachelor’s Degree in English Language and Literature, Dr. Weinberg… read more about this author

Megan Hamm - TeacherVision Contributor

Megan Hamm


About Megan

Megan Hamm (B.S.Ed., M.Ed) is an educator-turned-content writer. She taught first grade for 7 years before becoming a Math specialist for 3rd and 4th… read more about this author

Michelle Griczika - TeacherVision Contributor

Michelle Griczika


About Michelle

Michelle Griczika (B.A.) is a certified educator with eight years of teaching experience in Massachusetts. She specializes in phonics and has a… read more about this author

Mikaela Prego, TeacherVision Contributor

Mikaela Prego


About Mikaela

Mikaela Prego is an elementary educator based in Louisville, Kentucky. She has spent most of her career teaching 3-5th grade in Colorado and… read more about this author

Monica Delyani, TeacherVision Contributor

Monica Delyani


About Monica

Monica Delyani (B.A.) has worked in publishing, advertising, marketing, and education, and has run her own freelance business as a content marketer… read more about this author

Nora Brown, TeacherVision Contributor

Nora Brown


About Nora

Nora Brown (M.Ed.) is a certified K-6 teacher in Connecticut, where she has been teaching 3rd grade since 2010. She holds a Master's in Education, is… read more about this author

Odetta King, TeacherVision Contributor

Odetta King


About Odetta

Since graduating from Northland College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and Writing, Odetta King (B.A.) has worked as an ELL teacher in 2… read more about this author

Olivia Bechtel, TeacherVision Advisory Board Member

Olivia Bechtel


About Olivia

Since 2016 Olivia Bechtel (B.Arch., M.Ed.) has been a 1st grade teacher at a school near Columbus, Ohio, where she has also worked as an… read more about this author

Rebecca Fennel, TeacherVision Contributor

Rebecca Fennel


About Rebecca

Rebecca Fennel (B.A., M.Ed.) attained her Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education and Teaching in 2011, and later completed a Master’s of… read more about this author

Sara McCarthy, TeacherVision Contributor

Sara McCarthy


About Sara

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology, Sara McCarthy (B.Sc.) has gone on to have 10 years of classroom experience, and since 2018 she has run Numbers to… read more about this author

Shannon Krzyzewski, TeacherVision Contributor

Shannon Krzyzewski


About Shannon 

Shannon Krzyzewski is a veteran secondary educator with over twenty-five years of experience teaching Spanish, English/Language Arts, Social… read more about this author

Stefanie Ady

Stefanie Ady


About Stefanie

Stefanie Ady (B.S., M.A.) has a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education and Teaching and a Master’s Degree in Educational/Instructional… read more about this author

Stephanie Belcher TeacherVision Contributor

Stephanie Belcher


About Stephanie

Since graduating with a Master’s Degree in Secondary Education and Teaching, Stephanie Belcher (B.Sw., M.A.) has worked in education in various… read more about this author

Stephanie Jankowski, TeacherVision Contributor

Stephanie Jankowski


About Stephanie

Stephanie Jankowski (B.S., M.S.Ed.) has been a teacher since 2003. Initially based in classrooms, for the last 13+ years Stephanie has been an… read more about this author

Stephen Solomon, TeacherVision Contributor

Stephen Solomon


About Stephen

Specializing in content management, education product strategy, and curriculum development for K-12, Stephen Solomon (B.A.) is the former Digital… read more about this author

Steve Messier, TeacherVision Contributor

Steve Messier


About Steve

Steve Messier is an expert in Social Emotional Learning (SEL), with 9 years’ experience as a Behavioral Interventionist and having held his current… read more about this author

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