2014 Olympic Winter Games: Sochi

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    Major Cities and Rivers in Russia

    Expand your pupils' knowledge of world geography with this printable activity. Pupils will find and ... read more


    History of the Olympic Torch, Flame, and Relay

    Read about the history of the Olympic torch, flame, and relay. Since its debut in 1936, the torch re... read more


    Michelle Kwan Reading Warm-Up

    In this printable reading warm-up, students read a short biography of Olympic athlete Michelle Kwan and answer reading comprehension questions. read more


    Chart of Winter Olympic Games Statistics

    Learn about the history and traditions of the Winter Olympic Games, and reference a chart showing th... read more


    Protest Art in Pre-Revolutionary Russia

    Students will read and analyze short stories by Anton Chekov and Leo Tolstoy that illustrate the cla... read more


    Write a Letter to Jesse Owens

    Assuming the role of a fellow athlete, Nazi supporter or African-American, students will write a let... read more

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