Word Hunt


  • Students will improve decoding or word attack skills.
  • Students will improve vocabulary.
  • Students will see relationships of big words to little words.


  • Current reading materials (trade book or text)
  • Dry erase boards or chalkboards
  • Markers or paper and pencil
  • Small Post-it notes.


  1. Students scan text for a "big word."
  2. Student writes word on Post-it and then earmarks the page with it.
  3. The student tells the others how many letters are in the word.
  4. Other students make one space for each letter horizontally on board.
  5. The student gives the first letter of the word.
  6. Other students fill in their first blank space, thinking about possibilities.
  7. Student continues to give consecutive letters until a student is ready to make a try at the word.
  8. Once they make a try they must spell the word for the group. If student making try is correct, the student giving the word it in context from his/her marked text.
  9. Students discuss meaning, pronunciation and analogies to other known words.
Share this fun vocabulary game with your students to give them plenty of practice spelling difficult words.
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