America's Most Decorated Winter Olympic Athletes

See a list of the most decorated American Olympians who have won medals in the Winter Olympic Games for Team USA.
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These athletes are America's most decorated Winter Olympians.


Medal Count Olympian Sport Gold-Silver-Bronze
8 Apolo Anton Ohno ST Speed Skating 2-2-4
6 Bode Miller Alpine Skiing 1-3-2
5 Eric Heiden Speed Skating 5-0-0
5 Chad Hedrick Speed Skating 1-2-2
4 Shani Davis Speed Skating 2-2-0
4 Pat Martin Bobsled 1-2-0


Medal Count Olympian Sport Gold-Silver-Bronze
6 Bonnie Blair Speed Skating 5-0-1
4 Cathy Turner ST Speed Skating 2-1-1
4 Dianne Holum Speed Skating 1-2-1
4 Angela Ruggiero Ice Hockey 1-2-1
4 Jenny Schmidgall-Potter Ice Hockey 1-2-1

Note: The term ST Speed Skating refers to Short Track (or pack) Speed Skating.

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