Fum Teaching Guide

Our teacher discussion guide for Fum, a fantastical coming-of-age story, contains questions and activities to help guide your lesson. The discussion questions are intended to help students think critically about the plot, the characters, and the uniqueness of individuals. Also included is information about the author, and similar book titles.
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Author: Adam Rapp

Over seven feet tall and with a newfound ability to sense future events, Corinthia Bledsoe is far more than just another Midwestern high-school junior; she’s a force of nature. When she predicts with terrifying accuracy the outcome of a tornado that will hit her high school, leaving a cow standing midcourt in the Lugo Memorial field house, Corinthia finds herself at the epicenter of another kind of storm entirely. And as things get stranger and stranger — both in her small town and her own home — lives start to intersect in ways even Corinthia can’t foresee.

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