Fire Safety & Prevention Slideshow

Raise awareness about fire safety with the resources in this slideshow. Printables include fire readiness and safety tips, science experiments about firefighting, escape plans, and fire drill advice to send home to parents. Use these materials to review fire safety with your students during Fire Prevention Week (October).
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Read about fire readiness and safety, and then answer some questions.
Draw a route that will get you out of your house quickly and safely in the event of a fire.
Send this activity home with students for families to plan a fire escape route at their home.
Smokey Bear was created in the 1940s to promote forest fire awareness among young children. Have your students work in pairs to complete Smokey's puzzle about fire prevention.
Familiarize children with fire safety terms as they look for vocabulary related to the fire department in this word search.
Increase reading abilities with an activity that build skills in drawing logical conclusions. Children will review what they know about fire safety and prevention as it relates to the story.
Use the activity in this printable to demonstrate how to fight a fire.
Students learn about chemical reactions and how fire extinguishers work. They compare the reaction to the rising of a cake.
Develop math skills with an activity that focuses on subtraction.
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