Summer Learning Cross-Curricular Research and Design Project for Elementary Grades


This summer learning project for elementary students is perfect for summer learning camps, a summer learning academy, or as at-home work to prevent summer learning loss ("summer slide"). Focused on a water park theme, students will create and research inquiry questions, make a "picture book" or slideshow, write a descriptive story, and use common materials to design, build, and test a model water slide.

The learning packet includes an overview and teaching guide, student instructions, a KWL chart, a research organizer, blank journal pages, blank graph paper, and a design planning sheet.

Students will work on summer learning activities such as:

Create, research, and answer a set of inquiry questions

Students use a KWL chart to develop a set of inquiry questions about water parks, and then research the answers on kid-friendly reference sites like Fact Monster.

Design and build a model of a water slide

Using common household or classroom materials and a STEM-inspired planning sheet, students will design, build, and test a model water slide that meets timing and performance requirements.

Write a descriptive narrative

After researching and answering their inquiry questions, students will write a descriptive narrative about what they learned.

Download the learning packet for the rest of the summer learning project!

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