Take Back Your Evenings: An Efficient Teacher's Top Strategies for Work/Life Balance Workbook

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Are you spending your evenings working? Do you feel angry and resentful that your work doesn't end when school is out? Do you want to take back your evenings, but you aren't sure how?

You aren't alone. Veteran teacher, Tara, found herself working way too much. She was frustrated and losing her passion for teaching. Now with over a decade over experience, Tara has developed strategies that allow her to have work/life balance, which she shares in this workbook.

When you download this workbook, you will have access to Tara's strategies for how to take back your evenings, and as an added bonus she has included the end-of-day checklist that she uses in her own classroom.

The Strategies

  1. Use Your Time At School Wisely
  2. Leave Work At School
  3. Set Time Limits
  4. Use The Weekends To Get Ahead
  5. Set Aside Some Me Time
  6. Bonus: End of Day Checklist Printable!
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Tara Dusko


About Tara

Tara Dusko is a reading coach who helps teachers implement a reading workshop model in their classrooms. She previously taught 5th grade for one year and 3rd grade for 13… Read more

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