Singing Lesson for Grades 9-12, Part 2

Students sing a three-part song as a class and in small ensembles. Meets National Music Standard 1.


  • Students will sing a three-part song as a class and in small ensembles with one studenton a part.


  • "Yonder Come Day," arr. Judith Cook Tucker (Danbury, CT: World MusicPress), 2 or 3 parts

Prior Knowledge and Experiences

  • Students can sing melodic lines independent of other voices.


  1. Tell students to step-clap, stepping on beats one and three andclapping on beats two and four in 4/4 meter. Then ask them tosing part 1 of "Yonder Come Day" while they continue steppingand clapping.
  2. Have all students sing part 2 and then all sing part 3 while theystep and clap.
  3. Ask students to count off by threes, and then assign each numbera part to perform. Have students sing the song with all three parts.Alternate parts so that each student sings each of the three parts atsome time.
  4. Have students sing the piece with two or three students on eachpart. Ask everyone to continue stepping and clapping as theensemble performs.
  5. Finally, have small groups sing the song with one student on eachpart as the rest of the class steps and claps. (If students are reluctant to sing, let them choose a backup singer or have other students in the class hum along.) Give every student the opportunity to sing alone on a part.

Indicators of Success

  • Students sing "Yonder Come Day" in three parts in small ensembles.
  • Students sing the song with one student on a part.

Extension Activities

  • Have students perform "Yonder Come Day" from memory.
  • Have students learn to sing "Betelehemu" by Wendell Whalum,(New York: Lawson-Gould Music Publishers), SATB, with onestudent on a part.

Standards Correlations

  • Standard 1f

    Singing, alone and with others, a varied repertoire of music: Students sing in small ensembles with one student on apart.

Excerpted fromStrategies for Teaching High School General Music.

Provided in partnership with NAfME
Students sing a three-part song as a class and in small ensembles. Meets National Music Standard 1.
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