The Ultimate Grade 3 Math Choice Board Kit

The Ultimate Grade 3 Math Choice Board Kit
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A Complete Kit of Printables, Worksheets, and 3rd Grade Math Choice Boards

Help your students, whether they need the extra support or are early finishers, master the basics of 3rd grade math! This complete kit of math choice boards contains engaging activities around math facts, addition, subtraction, multiplication, time telling, measurements, and geometry. Each choice board will enhance student engagement during Grade 3 math, with each worksheet ready to print!

What's Included In This Teaching Kit

For the Teacher
  • Math choice board activities, perfect for homework, individual tasks or early-finishers
  • Math activities that meet 3rd grade Common Core State Standards
  • Lesson ideas, games and activities revolving around math facts, subtraction, addition, multiplication, arithmetic patterns, and fractions
For the Student
  • Engaging math activities and choice boards that allow students to take control of their learning
  • Individual and partner math games
  • Worksheets that help relate the content to real life scenarios!

What You'll Find Inside

Grade 3 Math Common Core Standards Map (pages 3-4)

Place Value (pages 4-10)

  • Choice Board #1 - Place Value
  • Place Value All About Me
  • Place Value Worksheet
  • Roll Em' Activity
  • Place Value Sundae
  • Base Ten Creature
  • Coin Exchange

Addition (pages 15-13)

  • Choice Board #2 - Addition
  • Flier Shopping
  • Addition Properties of Practice Worksheet
  • Addition Properties Pictures
  • Addend House
  • Addition Sandwiches
  • Circle 20 Resource

Subtraction (pages 23-28)

  • Choice Board #3 - Subtraction
  • Subtraction Roll
  • Subtraction Maze
  • Subtraction Snails
  • Back-to-School Budget
  • Subtracting 100

Math Facts (pages 29-34)

  • Choice Board #4 - Math Facts
  • Multiplication Dominoes
  • Addition Fact Families Worksheet
  • Mixed Fact Tic-Tac-Toe
  • Sunny Facts

Multiplication (pages 35-43)

  • Choice Board #5 - Multiplication
  • Cereal Arrays
  • Roll It, Make It
  • Arrays Around the Room
  • Multiples Practice Worksheet
  • Multiplication Match Worksheet
  • Egg Carton Toss

Arithmetic Patterns (pages 44-52))

  • Choice Board #6 - Arithmetic Patterns
  • You Make the Rules!
  • Daily Warm-Up Worksheet
  • Patterns in Numbers Worksheet
  • Growing and Shrinking a Pattern
  • Highlight a Hundreds Chart
  • In and Out Resource

Fractions (pages 53-57)

  • Choice Board #7 - Fractions
  • Fraction Dominoes
  • Spin a Fraction
  • Fractions Acrostic Poem
  • Fraction Action

Telling Time (pages 58-63)

  • Choice Board #8 - Telling Time
  • Check the Clock
  • Movie Poster
  • Spin a Time - Time Spinner Resource
  • Problems Using Time Worksheet

Measurement (pages 64-70)

  • Choice Board #9 - Measurement
  • Inch by Inch Activity
  • The Best Unit - Which Unit Worksheet
  • Measurement Acrostic Poem
  • Design Your Dream Room
  • Roll a Line

Graphing Data (pages 71-77)

  • Choice Board #10 - Graphing Data
  • Survey Classmates - Horizontal Bar Graph
  • Organize the Pet Shop - Vertical Bar Graph
  • Grab and Graph
  • Coin Flip - Pictograph
  • Learn From Data

Geometry (pages 78-80)

  • Choice Board #11 - Geometry
  • Vocabulary Drawing
  • Geometry Acrostic Poem

TeacherVision The Ultimate Grade 3 Math Choice Board Kit Sample

TeacherVision The Ultimate Grade 3 Math Choice Board Kit Sample

TeacherVision The Ultimate Grade 3 Math Choice Board Kit Sample

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