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Illustrate concepts with ease. Use these printable charts and diagrams as overhead transparencies to deepen students' understanding.

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    Physics Transparencies & Visuals Slideshow

    Enhance lessons on nuclear physics, machines, electricity, magnetism, and geophysics with the visual... read more

    Chemistry Transparencies & Visuals Slideshow

    Discover colorful illustrations of chemical reactions, nuclear fission, the pH scale, and more in th... read more

    Geology Transparencies & Visuals Slideshow

    Geology transparencies and visuals in this slideshow include printable illustrations and diagrams of... read more

    Geography Transparencies & Visuals Slideshow

    Enhance social studies units with the geography transparencies and visuals in this slideshow. Printa... read more

    Atmospheric Science Transparencies Slideshow

    View this slideshow to find transparencies that will enhance your study of weather and cycles in the... read more

    Human Body Transparencies & Visuals Gallery

    Use the life science printables in this gallery to create overhead transparencies and handouts for t... read more

    Animal & Insect Transparencies Slideshow

    Study the anatomy of animals and insects with the printable illustrations and labeled diagrams in th... read more

    Reflecting Telescope

    Evaluate students' knowledge of a reflecting telescope with this printable. Have students label the ... read more

    Refracting Telescope

    Evaluate students' knowledge of a refracting telescope with this printable. Have students label the ... read more

    Town Map

    Sharpen students' map reading skills with this handout. Ask students to use the key to identify items on the town map. read more

    Time Zones Around the World

    Use this printable map to compare time differences and visualize the boundaries of time zones around... read more

    The Ocean Floor

    Identify ocean landforms, including guyots and trenches, with this labeled diagram of the sea floor. read more

    The Rock Cycle (Labeled) Printable

    Enhance students' understanding of rock formation and classification with a labeled diagram of the r... read more

    The Parts of a Microscope (Blank) Printable

    Evaluate students' knowledge of laboratory equipment with this printable. Have students label the ma... read more

    The Respiratory System

    Review the parts of the human respiratory system with this labeled diagram. Use this resource as a handout or transparency for science class. read more

    Anatomy of the Human Heart

    Explore the anatomy and function of the human heart with this printable. Follow the circulation of b... read more

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