Physics Transparencies & Visuals Slideshow

Supplement lessons on nuclear physics, machines, electricity, magnetism, and geophysics with the visual aids in this slideshow. Use these diagrams, maps, and pictures to create overhead transparencies for your classroom. Browse our entire collection of and to find more resources to enrich your science lesson plans.
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Study the mechanics of fixed, moveable, and block and tackle pulleys with this physics resource. Use this printable as a transparency or a class handout.
This physics printable will help students visualize the flow of electrons in a wet cell and the composition of a battery (dry cell).
Differentiate between a series circuit and a parallel circuit with this visual. This printable makes an excellent transparency or handout.
Help students visualise the processes of nuclear fission and nuclear fusion with these diagrams. This chemistry printable demonstrates a deuterium-tritium fusion and the result of bombarding U-235 with a neutron.
This chart includes diagrams of six simple machines: a lever, a pulley, a wheel and axle, an inclined plane, a screw, and a wedge.
Review the features of a transverse wave with this printable diagram. The crest, trough, amplitude, wavelength, and frequency are labeled for easy reference.
Review the stages of the water cycle and the carbon cycle with the diagrams in this printable.
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