Chemistry Transparencies & Visuals Slideshow

Create overhead transparencies and handouts for the study of chemistry from the illustrations and diagrams in this slideshow. Use these resources during National Chemistry Week or any time of year to further students' understanding of chemical processes, atomic theory, chemical solutions, energy, and matter. Browse our entire collection of and to find more resources to enrich your science lesson plans.
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Differentiate between ionic and covalent bonds with this printable diagram on molecular physics. This chemistry resource can be used as a class handout or as a transparency.
Demonstrate the difference between molecular and ionic solutions with this visual aid. Use this chemistry printable as a transparency or a handout for science class.
This printable pH scale includes pictures of common household items to familiarize students with acids and bases. Use this chemistry resource as a class handout or as a transparency.
Help students visualise the processes of nuclear fission and nuclear fusion with these diagrams. This chemistry printable demonstrates a deuterium-tritium fusion and the result of bombarding U-235 with a neutron.
Protons and electrons are identified in this printable model of a carbon atom.
Model the structure of different atoms using this blank target printable.
This chemistry chart will help students visualize the structure of various crystal shapes, such as isometric and tetragonal.
Help students visualize the placement of valence electrons with this printable chart.
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