Body Collage: What's Inside?

Excerpted from Science Surprises!


  • Students will trace their bodies and use collage material to form their organs.
  • Students will develop communication and creative skills while learning about the human body.


  • Butcher paper
  • Crayons and markers
  • Scissors, glue
  • Yarn, straws, fabric scraps, construction paper, buttons, cotton, magazines, and other collage materials


  1. Have the children lie down on the butcher paper as you tracearound their bodies.
  2. Ask them to think about what they look like inside, then decoratetheir bodies with the crayons, markers, and collage materials. (Forexample, they might use the yarn as their intestines, straw forbones, cotton for brains, a picture of food for stomachs, and so forth.)


  • Borrow a human model from a high-school biology class for the childrento examine.
  • Let the children go to the library and look up information of body parts.Have the children explain their body collages and how they represented the different organs in their bodies.
This lesson plan is a creative way for students to explore and construct the inside of their bodies. They use collage techniques to construct their intestines, brains, stomachs, and more!
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