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Diversity Resources for Teachers

October is Diversity Awareness Month. Teach students to respect differences among people in their community and around the world by using the resources below for elementary, intermediate, or high school students. You'll find printables that promote tolerance and understanding, and lessons about immigrant families. Art, reading, and writing activities will help familiarize students with the history and traditions of different religions and ethnic groups.

Printables, Grades K-5

Same Name Word Puzzle
Similar and Different
A Flag About Me
The Melting Pot -- Is It What We Want?
The Golden Rule
Seedfolks Teacher's Guide
Celebrations Around the World
More Popular Diversity Printables

Printables, Grades 6-12

Race: A History Beyond Black and White Teaching Guide
Seeing the Same Event Through Different Eyes
Exploring Cultural Points of View
The Color of Water
All About Martin Luther King Jr. Quiz
Celebrate African-American Heritage & Culture
Celebrating Diversity with Art: January-March (3-6)
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Lesson Plans

An Immigrant's Story
Multicultural Statue of Liberty
How Do You Say Hello?
Immigrants' Experiences
Immigrant Families

Art, Music, Drama, & Diversity Connected

Paper Doll Cut-Outs
Celebrating Diversity with Art: April-June (3-6)
Celebrating Diversity with Art: July-September (3-6)
Where I Live
Celebrating Diversity with Art: October-December (3-6)
Rickshaw Girl Discussion & Activity Guide
Kente Cloth
More Diversity Resources for Art, Music, & Drama

Immigration Resources

In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson
In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson -- Quiz
In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson -- Projects
The Importance of Wings Discussion Guide
World Class Recipes
Acadian History
More Immigration Teacher Resources

Literature & Diversity Connected

Sharing the Asian American Heritage Experience
Dreams Poetry Unit
Journal of Children of the World
Historical Fiction Reading Warm-Up: Martin Luther King, Jr.
Reading Warm-Up for Gr. 1 & 2: Christmas Tamales
Children from Australia to Zimbabwe Excerpt
Different Just Like Me April Coloring Page
More Literature Resources for Diversity

Reading, Language Arts, & Diversity Connected

A Holiday from Another Culture
I Can Speak the Magic Words in Many Languages
Teaching Astronomy with Multicultural Mythology
Civil and Human Rights Discussion Guide
Celebrate Hispanic Heritage
Larger-Than-Life Lara Discussion Guide
A Teaching Guide to the World of Ezra Jack Keats
More Diversity Resources for Reading & Language Arts

Diversity Resources for History Class

Has the Past Been Just? Handouts
Sharing the Hispanic-American Heritage Experience
Don't Say Ain't Discussion Guide
Women's Contributions to the Workplace
Harmony Day Drawing
Métis Heritage Flag
Black History Month Classroom Kit
More Diversity Resources for History Class

Religious Diversity Resources

Introduction to Religious Diversity
Confessions of a Closet Catholic Teacher's Guide
Religious Intolerance in European History
Seasons Greetings Around the World
More Religion & Diversity Resources

Diversity Resources for Holidays

Background Information -- Understanding Different Points of View
It Could Happen to You
Thanks Around the World
White Cane Safety Day
Join Hands Discussion & Activity Guide
Supporting Tolerance and Cultural Understanding at Home and Around the World
Ho! Ho! Ho! The History of Christmas
More Diversity Resources for Holidays

Cross-Cultural Resources

Exploring Cross-Cultural Miscommunication
Viewing Pictures Differently
What is Justice? What is the Injustice Here?
How Can You Prevent Injustice? Handouts
Beyond Blame -- Additional Resources
What is Justice? What is the Injustice Here? Handouts
Beyond Blame -- Complete Unit
More Cross-Cultural Resources

Black History Month Resources

Slavery & The Civil War – Videos & Activities
Martin Luther King, Jr. Videos & Activities
African Folk Tales: Background Information
Indentured Servants' Experiences 1600-1700
Maniac Magee Literature Guide
Hero/Heroine Writing Activity
Tap Your Feet
More Black History Month – Teacher Resources

Asian-American History Resources

Chinese Calligraphy
Tangram Art
Chinese Music
Making an Erhu
Chinese Inventions Word Search
Making a Koto
Paper Making
More Asian-Pacific-American History – Teacher Resources

Hispanic Heritage Resources

Introduction to Mariachi Music
Mexico's Day of the Dead
The House on Mango Street
Traditional Circle Game from Puerto Rico
Spanish and Latino Influence on Music and Dance
The House on Mango Street Writing Activity
Puerto Rican Folk Tale
More Hispanic Heritage Resources for Teachers

Native-American Heritage Resources

History of Thanksgiving – Videos & Activities
Make Your Own Totem Pole
Tipi Pattern
Indian Symbols and Meanings
Make a God's Eye
Native American Picture Writing
Native American Musical Instruments
More American Indians & Native Americans - Teacher Resources

Equality Resources

Thinking about Prejudice
African-Americans and Others Fight Discrimination
Prejudice: Balanced or Biased?
Notable Quotes by Women
Understanding Discrimination
Even Though I'm Lavender
The Roots of Women's Rights
More Equality Resources

Additional Diversity Resources

Understanding Different Points of View
Beyond Blame: Reacting to the 9/11 Terrorist Attack
Multicultural Music Resources
Culturally Diverse Students with Learning Problems
Crossover Children – LD and Gifted


Teaching Racism & Discrimination in America
The issues of racism, prejudice, and discrimination have plagued the United States since it was founded, and racially motivated killings still occur with frequency today. Help your students understand the historical contexts of racism—with references on slavery, immigration, and the civil rights movement—to frame your conversation on modern instances of prejudice.

Poptropica Teaching Guides
Poptropica is one of the Internet's most popular sites for kids—and now it's available as an app for the iPad! It's not just a place to play games; each of the islands featured on the site provides a learning opportunity. Check out our teaching guides to four of Poptropica's islands: 24 Carrot Island, Time Tangled Island, Mystery Train Island, and Mythology Island.

Teaching with Comics: Galactic Hot Dogs
Reach reluctant readers and English-language learners with comics! Our original teaching guides to the Galactic Hot Dogs comic series (chapters 1-4 and 5-8), as found on Funbrain.com (and now in print!), will take students on a cosmic adventure while engaging their creative minds. Plus, find even more activities for teaching with comics, featuring many other classic stories.

July Calendar of Events
July is full events that you can incorporate into your standard curriculum. Our Educators' Calendar outlines activities for each event, including: Canada Day (7/1), Independence Day (7/4/1776), World Population Day (7/11), Bastille Day in France (7/14), National Ice Cream Day (7/19), First Moon Landing (7/20/1969), World War I Began (7/28/1914), Author J.K. Rowling's Birthday (7/31/1965). Plus, celebrate Read an Almanac Month and Recreation and Parks Month all July long!

Interested in using different types of media in your classroom? We have a growing collection of videos, with related activities, for holidays and events, including: Independence Day, slavery & the Civil War, American History, U.S. Presidents, handwashing awareness, the Common Core, women's history, Memorial Day, and the environment. Enjoy!

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