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Field trips are a great way for students to apply and expand upon what they've learned in the classroom. Use these resources to plan and enhance field trips for your class.

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    Top 10 Free Field Trips

    The cost of field trips can be prohibitive. Try our ideas for free "field trips": from virtual visi... read more


    Visit the White House via the Internet

    Students use the Internet to complete a scavenger hunt of the White House in this classroom computer... read more

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    Top Trip Ideas for Black History Month

    Looking for fun activities to get your kids into Black History Month? Try these trip ideas that wil... read more


    Lewis Temple

    Lewis Temple, a man of color, invented the toggle harpoon in 1848. This device increased the efficiency of the whaling industry. read more


    Friends Meetinghouse

    The Friends Meetinghouse in New Bedford, Massachusetts was the site of abolitionist activity in the ... read more


    54th Regiment Memorial

    This memorial sits across from the Massachusetts state house, and honors the first all black regiment of Union soldiers. read more


    Harriet Tubman Memorial

    These statues reside in Boston's South End. Harriet Tubman spoke in Boston area Meeting Houses before and after Emancipation. read more

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