Summer Math Practice Choice Board for Middle School


These mathematics summer skill sharpener activities for middle school students are perfect for a summer math camp, a summer math challenge, or for use in summer math school or summer math tutoring. This summer math packet includes a choice board of 9 skills-based summer math activities and a collection of complementary summer math worksheets.

Students can choose from skill sharpener activities like:

Summer Ice Cream Shop

Pretend that you set up an ice cream shop for a month. Make a list of the supplies you need to buy, employees you need to hire, and list your expenses in a Google Sheet. Set up your menu and prices. If you have a budget of $5,000; how much will you need to make each week in order to see a profit by the end of a month?

Dream Vacation Home

You just win a million dollars and get to design a vacation home. Use graph paper to create it, room by room. Be sure to calculate the area and perimeter of each space you design. Two of your rooms must be set up in shapes other than a rectangle or square!

The Secrets of Summer

Put your algebra and graphing skills to the test by solving this secret message sheet!

Download the choice board for the rest of the summer math practice packet!

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