The Gorp's Gift Activities

These activities are designed to help your reading of The Gorp's Gift, a story about gun safety and accident prevention.
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The Gorp's Gift Activities

These activities are designed to help your reading of The Gorp's Gift.
They are organized in accordance with Bloom's Taxonomy.


  1. Students retell Gorp's story in their own words.
  2. Ask children to list as many reasons they can think of as to why our country or your school/community has a need for teaching children how to stay safe from guns.
  3. Have children list the reasons teenagers own guns. Ask them to categorize each reason as being valid or unreasonable. As a class make another list for the reasons adults own guns.


  1. Students collect newspaper articles about gun laws and/or shootings. They create a scrapbook to share with the class. Have them ask parents or friends to help by watching the newspaper and magazines for articles they can use.
  2. Have students write a letter to Gorp telling him why his message is important. Send it to him at 4324 East McDonald Drive in Paradise Valley, AZ 85253.
  3. Students can go on the Internet to discover what gun laws exist. Are their Congressmen and Senators for or against these laws? Why?


  1. Student Role Play: Two students find a gun. One child wants to touch it, but the other know s/he shouldn't. What do they do? Do they tell anyone about this event? Why, or why not?
  2. Create a booklet to show how to keep kids safe around a gun.
  3. Student Role Play: A student's best friend says he knows where his dad keeps his gun and the bullets. Student tells him that he's going to tell his parents about this and the friend gets angry. What does the student say to him? Now, switch roles. Did their feelings change the second time? How?

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