Plant & Animal Visuals Slideshow

Printable black-and-white illustrations will enrich your study of animals, insects, and botany. The visual aids in this slideshow will help you explain plant physiology, animal ecology, and more. Browse our entire collection of to find additional resources that meet your classroom's needs.
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Test students' knowledge of cellular biology. Have students label the parts of an animal cell and a plant cell on this handout.
Use this printable as a handout for science class. Ask students to label the structure of the fern, then color the picture.
Use this comparison chart to review the differences between the seeds, leaves, and flowers of monocots and dicots.
Ask your students to label and color the parts of a flower in this printable diagram.
This printable will help students visualize the difference between complete and incomplete metamorphosis. Ask them to color and label the stages of physical development for a butterfly and a grasshopper.
Ask students to label the parts of an earthworm in this science printable.
Use this printable to review the anatomy of a fish, then ask your students to color and label the drawing.
Use this printable to teach students about amphibians. Ask them to color and label the pictures of a frog's life cycle.
Use this printable to help students visualize ecological interdependence in the food web.
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