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Kickstart the new school year with this FREE bundle of back to school icebreaker games. This no-prep printable includes everything you need to try these fun icebreakers with your students.

Designed to help create classroom community from day one, these icebreaker activities will get your students talking, sharing, and building relationships. Use the icebreakers for team building in small groups, have students share with the whole class, or pair up classmates. Use these icebreaker ideas on the first day of school or through the first week of school to help your new students get to know each other better. These back to school icebreaker activities are great for elementary students, but can also be used for middle school and high school students.

What’s Inside?

We’ve taken our top five icebreaker and getting to know you activities from ourIcebreakers and Getting to Know Your Students Classroom Kit and packaged them up in this mini sample bundle instant download. The activities include conversation starters, icebreaker questions, and fun icebreaker games.

Get to Know Me Fortune Teller
This printable all about me fortune teller is a fun way for students to learn each other’s favorite things, from favorite foods, to what they did over summer break.
Get to Know You Turn and Talk Cards
These turn and talk cards are a great way to help students start a conversation and learn about each other. Once cut up, students simply take a card and read the question or statement on the piece of paper, then the next person does the same - great for paired or small group activities.
A great activity that makes use of dice to choose the icebreaker questions. Students take turns rolling the dice and answering fun questions.
Skit-Tell Us!
This icebreaker is a little sweeter than most. Students take turns removing a Skittle from the bag and asking their partners the question that corresponds with each color.
Two Truths and a Lie
In this fun activity, students share two truthful pieces of information about themselves, then make up a total lie about themselves. The printable template provides space for students to write down their three “facts” to be shared with their partners, or the whole class.
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