Halloween Word Game (Grades 3-6)


  • Wrapped Candy
  • Small paper bags
  • Markers
  • Paper


  1. Write the following words in large letters on a piece of paper and tape the paper up where everyone can see it: HALLOWEEN, CANDY, WITCH, PARTY, GHOST, TRICK OR TREAT, and PUMPKIN.
  2. Give each student a bag with ten pieces of wrapped candy in it.
  3. Have the players write their names on their bags so that the bags don't get mixed up.
  4. Instruct students to sit in pairs on the floor with their bags of candy in their laps.
  5. Read the rules for the Halloween Word Game aloud:
    • The object of the game is to avoid saying the words: HALLOWEEN, CANDY, WITCH, PARTY, GHOST, TRICK OR TREAT, or PUMPKIN when discussing a topic selected by the teacher.
    • Every student must talk about the topic --staying silent or discussing something else is not an option.
    • If a student says any of the Halloween words by mistake she must give one piece of candy to her partner.
    • The person with the most candy in his bag at the end of the game is the winner.
  6. Start the game by reading the first prompt:
    • PROMPT #1: An alien rings your doorbell on Halloween night and asks you what is going on. Describe Halloween for him.
    • PROMPT #2: Describe five activities that people do on Halloween.
    • PROMPT #3: You are having a Halloween party and you need to get your friends to help you decorate the room. They have no idea what to do and you need to instruct them. What would you say?
  7. It should be a challenge for students to discuss these topics without using any of the forbidden words. A lot of candy exchanging should happen during the game.
  8. End the game when student tire of it, (or when the whistle sounds to move on to another activity). Remind students that everyone gets to keep any candy they have left in their bags at the end.

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Students try not to say common Halloween words as they describe typical Halloween situations to their partners.
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