Creating Clay Worksheet

Use this worksheet in conjunction with the "Creating Clay" lesson.
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Creating Clay Worksheet

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You can use clay to make beads, shapes, and sculptures. Find out how to make clay at Making Cornstarch Clay (

1. The recipe calls for less than a cup of several ingredients. Use the measuring cups below. Draw a line to show where the top of each ingredient will be in the cup. Label the line with the appropriate fraction.

2. Suppose the only measuring cup you have holds 1/8 cup. How many times would you fill it to measure each ingredient? Find equivalent fractions with 8 in the denominator.

a. water

3 / 4 = ? / 8

______ times

b. cornstarch

1 / 2 = ? / 8

______ times

3. Which of these ingredients is used the most in the recipe?


4. The recipe doesn't tell you how much food coloring to use. Why?

How will you know how much to add?

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