Suicide Prevention and Awareness Resources

Knees tucked  When you notice worrisome behavior in your students, and especially when there is concern about suicide risk, you need practical suggestions and specific advice. These resources will help you better understand the relationship between suicide and teens, risk factors, warning signs, and protective factors. Find information on the appropriate steps to take when you feel you have identified an at-risk student. Plus, learn how to assess your attitude towards suicide, and find out the truth behind suicide myths.

Suicide Prevention: Educator Resources

Literature Dealing with Suicide

Suicide Prevention: Resources for Parents

It's important to remember that parents need suicide information and awareness programs. Parents are often uninformed about the extent of suicide and suicide attempts in our youth. They may not even realize that a school has policies and procedures in place to address suicide, and/or staff who are trained to respond to a suicidal crisis. It's essential to provide them with guidelines for how to respond if they sense their child is troubled.

Suicide Prevention: Resources for Students

The vast majority of adolescents know someone who has committed or attempted to commit suicide. Prepare students for encounters they are likely to have by providing resources, teaching them about the warning signs, and showing them how to respond to troubled peers and get help for them.

Additional Web Resources

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