Conflict Resolution

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    How It Went Down Common Core Teacher's Guide

    Use young adult literature to initiate thoughtful classroom discussion about death, loss, friendship... read more

    Resolving Conflicts

    Use this worksheet to teach children about conflict resolution and problem solving. Children will wr... read more

    Tess of the D'Urbervilles Literature Guide

    Tess of the D'Urbervilles is a gripping tragic romance, as well as an elegiac portrait of a pastoral... read more

    Stolen Voices Excerpt

    From the author of the international bestseller Zlata's Diary comes a haunting testament to how war'... read more

    Picture the Conflict

    In this lesson, students discuss conflict as a natural part of life and explore how conflict takes place at many levels. read more

    Talking to Children About Violence

    Share an article that, from the Educators for Social Responsibility, details discussing violence and... read more

    Positive Classroom Behavior

    Read ideas and find resources on establishing and maintaining acceptable behavior in your students. ... read more

    Many Ways to Resolve Conflict

    Students learn how to use negotiation, arbitration, communication, and mediation to resolve conflict... read more

    Acting Out Conflict

    Students act out skits showing typical conflicts that arise in school and then resolve them using a ... read more

    Responding to Conflict Amongst Young Children

    Here are some suggested ways for teachers to handle conflict in their classrooms. Using these techni... read more

    What About Fighting?

    In this conflict-resolution lesson, students discuss the use of violence, the reasons people fight, and the consequences that result. read more

    What's So Bad or Good About Conflict?

    Students discuss the meaning of the word "conflict" and give examples of positive and negative situa... read more

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